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A Fresh Mind

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I feel ready, present, and mindful.

What a trip.  19 days and 4,500 miles later, I’ve dug through piles of childhood photo albums, seen how people live above 11,000 feet, below the sea level, in the desert, and in the bayou, studied the evolution and collapse of ancient civilizations and dinosaurs, and even stayed off of facebook.

"Spruce Tree House" pueblo cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde National Park, empty for at least 800 years

SW Colorado: pueblo cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde National Park, uninhabited for ~900 years

Helping my brother rebuild New Orleans, at the Tiny Circus-South building.  Boats docked off the Industrial Canal visible in the back -- at least up here we're above sea level!

Helping my brother rebuild New Orleans, at the Tiny Circus-South house.  Also, I’m wearing a hood to prevent sunburn, not because I’m cold…in January!

I wasn’t looking for “aha” moments, wasn’t expecting crystal clarity about just what my life’s work will be for the next chapter in my life.  Happily, I did have some “uh huh” moments, at least. :0) Through meditation and writing exercises, I was able to return my attention to the openings all around me.

I remembered how drawn I am to water — we visited the junction of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers, the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, the Colorado River, Rio Grande, Gulf of Mexico, and Lake Ponchartrain. There’s something irresistible about the sound of icy water sluicing through the mostly frozen Rio Grande in Albuquerque, surprisingly loud, like a train whooshing by.  As I wrote several days ago next to the Industrial Canal in New Orleans:

Water is like gravity for me. I can let it pull pull me to it, and I can revolve around it in geography like celestial bodies push pull spin around that river around that cloud that ocean the rain the well. Give thanks for water.

Paducah, KY, where the Tennessee joins the Ohio

Molly in Paducah, KY, where the Tennessee joins the Ohio

Coming out on the other side of this trip, meditation and presence is my new path. This will bring transformation, energy, and strength in my life, will connect moments as fibers in a tree, giving them shape, value, and impact when aligned together.

I will do this every day, 30 minutes of meditation and writing. To clear things out, create space on purpose for those running thoughts to run on through, trade anxiety for clarity, accept and welcome myself as I am, and the world as it is, and take it from there.

I’m very grateful for this chance to get away from everyday life. It’s given me perspective and connection.  Perhaps I’ll do the same thing again next winter?  Never hurts to go south during the coldest time of year!  For now I’m happy to be back home, and ready for what’s ahead.

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